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New York City

Investment Philosophy

SWS Capital Management’s philosophy is a value oriented, active management style which emphasizes liquidity, risk management, and an attention to movements in interest rates.  Prudent use of credit is utilized through the selection of high-quality fixed income securities.

We look to deliver outperformance by utilizing our strengths:


  • Security Selection – Utilizing a combination of macroeconomic (top down) and security selection (bottom up), we seek bonds that are attractively valued with stable or improving fundamentals.

  • Sector Allocation – We actively manage our sector level exposure depending on the combination of where we are in the economic cycle and what we perceive as attractive relative value.

  • Yield Curve Positioning – We target portfolio holdings to realize maximum benefit from expected changes in the shape of the yield curve.

  • Interest Rate Anticipation – Our interest rate anticipation goal is to outperform during changes in interest rates with an emphasis on preservation of capital.

  • Trade Execution – Our agility permits us to take advantage of certain fixed income offerings that others might find inefficient. We capitalize on these “odd lots” to add value for our clients.

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